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Andrew T.  Cincinnati, OH, Sales Manager

At 31, Andrew was shocked to hear that he had developed high cholesterol and blood pressure at such an early age.  In the past, he tried numerous types of weight loss pills that were extremely unhealthy and required him to consume only 500 calories in one day. In addition, the weight loss pills were contributing to higher blood pressure and cholesterol.

Working out was extremely important, however, no matter how much he exercised, he could not lose weight and his hunger cravings were not subsiding.

“When I first heard of Lipo- Vit, I was somewhat skeptical at first due to trying many different diet fads and approaches, but after only two weeks I noticed I retained muscle, yet shed the additional lbs in the areas I needed to – the abdominal area.  I weighed myself and for the first time in a long time; I lost 12 lbs within 6 weeks by incorporating Lipo- Vit into my daily diet.

I could not believe the health benefits associated with taking Lipo-Vit and how the ingredients help regulate blood pressure and cholesterol. I now have enough energy and increased stamina to not only lose weight, but run in marathons and mudathlons! Thank you Lipo-Vit for enabling me to achieve my weight loss goals and starting my new and improved healthy lifestyle!”


Theresa S.  Montgomery, AL, Homemaker

At 52, I tried what seemed like every diet known, but could not control hunger cravings throughout the day. I would lose a few lbs- hit a plateau – and go on to gain an additional lbs. It was an endless cycle!

After being on numerous diets in the past, I was almost ready to give up on losing weight.  A family member informed me of the science behind Lipo-Vit, and why the ingredients were proven to work.

Once I began taking Lipo-Vit, I lost 3 lbs within the first week. I noticed that I had more energy, and wasn’t constantly craving the crabs and sweets I used to, nor having the hunger cravings, and eating much smaller portions!

After 120 days, I lost a total of 35 lbs! I have not been able to lose this many pounds in over 30 years. Thank you Lipo-vit for giving me confidence about my body once again!


Lisa Terry, West Chester, OH, National Sales Director

As a former Miss Tennessee (Miss America Organization) Contestant and two-time swimsuit winner, watching my weight and living a healthy style is very important to me. However, I hit a plateau in my weight loss between juggling home life, a demanding career, and extensive travel.

I found that it was much harder to lose weight in my 30′s verses my 20′s - it was very frustrating! I’ve tried just about every fat burner and weight loss pill to find that none of them worked or were extremely unhealthy.

I have a very weak immune system as well and cannot afford unhealthy diets that weaken my system. Finally – I have found a solution that not only works, but enhances my immune system. I can already notice the weight loss difference after only two weeks!

I decided to try the Lipo-Vit 120 Day Challenge to drop the weight quickly.

Within the first week I lost 6 lbs! I took the 40 day challenge and went from 136 to 121!  I am finally backed into the jeans that were tucked away in my closet to see if I could ever reach that goal again…and I did!


Brittany M. Brooklyn, New York 

I bought this product 3 weeks ago from today. I must admit the results were phenomenal. It is not always easy to keep up with my diet or a daily workout plan with my fast paced life.  I been taking this product, and I am happy to admit I lost 8 lbs in these 3 weeks. This product DOES work. I came into this realistically knowing that NO PILL is a miracle pill- meaning you can’t fast food every meal and expect to lose weight.

However, what I learned is that immediately I began losing weight without much effort! I was not as hungry and no longer craved sugars and sweets like I had in the past. Thank you Lipo-Vit!


Recommended By Doctors And Sold Throughout The World Because It WORKS!





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Allison B. , Registered Nurse, Liberty Twp, Ohio 

With working in the healthcare industry, overall health and well being  is very important to me. When I first heard about Lipo-Vit,  I researched the ingredients and their efficacy.  I was impressed because the ingredients are Safe, Natural, and PROVEN to work.

I decided to not only recommend Lipo-Vit, but try it myself.  Within a short period of taking Lipo-Vit,  I noticed an incredible change. Not only did I have loads of more energy; I also found that I that I had more focus and clarity.

The added benefit has been the 10+ pounds and numerous inches I have lost 10 lbs the last 2 months, and I am still losing. I feel great and the compliments from people I haven’t seen in a while are very flattering. Thanks to Lipo-Vit!