Difference Between Lipo-Vit & Lipo-Vit Plus

The subject of this months newsletter will be the differences between Lipo-Vit and Lipo-Vit Plus and the recommended dosing for both.  Also I have introduced a new product called Thermogenic Weight Loss and a brief synopsis will be given about ingredients and dosing.

Lipo-Vit Capsules are a combination of Lipotropic compounds and vitamins that help burn fat and provide energy. The list of ingredients and strengths of eash component are listed on the webpage.  I recommend 1 or 2 capsules a day in divided doses preferably with breakfast and supper since these are not fat soluble vitamins and are rapidly eliminated from the body.

Lipo-Vit Plus Capsules have the same ingredients as Lipo-Vit Capsules but have the initial ingredient of L-Carnitine.  This is a widely used nutritional supplement that has been not only used for weight loss but also for bone mass, heart conditions, and neurological conditions.  L-Carnitine helps in weight loss by transporting fatty acids into the cell mitochondria thus facilitating the breakdown of fat into energy.  A more detailed discussion of L-Carnitine will follow in later newletters.  I recommend 2 to 4 capsules of Lipo-Vit Plus a day in divided doses as with the Lipo-Vit Capsules.

We are pleased to add a new weight loss product called Thermogenic Weight Loss.  As the name implies this product helps increase body temperature thus helping to burn more calories.  I recommend this product for athletes and body builders who want to burn fat and increase muscle mass. Thermogenic contains tea and willow extracts and yohimbine for heat blend and muscle blend along with caffeine for energy. Recommended dosing for this product is 1 capsule twice a day 30 to 60 minutes before a meal.