Frequently Asked Questions

People have questions all the time about Lipo-Vit, so to make it easier for you, we have collected the questions that we are asked the most and answered them for you here.


1. What does it mean that Lipo-Vit is a product that has been medically proven?

Lipo-Vit and Lipo-Vit Plus contain all natural ingredients that have been used for years in various vitamin formulations. These B and C Complex vitamin are well documented in medical literature for both their safety and effectiveness. The Lipotropic components have also been well documented as to their safety and effectiveness. The Mayo Clinic’s website is an excellent site to research the double-blind studies that have been done with these components.

2. Is the supplement a fat burner & how does it work?

Yes. The lipotropic component of Lipo-Vit and Lipo-Vit Plus dose facilitate the transport and removal of fat from the body so it is considered a fat burner. Lipo-Vit and Lipo-Vit Plus work by preventing accumulation of fat in the liver. In addition, they help metabolize fat,  transport fat from the body, and  break down fat to provide energy to the body. It will also suppress your appetite and help regulate your cholesterol level.

3.Does it work?

Yes. Lipo-Vit does work. There have been a lot of people to give positive feedback from pharmacists, doctors, and our existing customers. The ingredients in Lipo-Vit and Lipo-Vit Plus are proven to provide energy. Also,  double-blind studies of Lipo-Vit’s ingredients have shown to be effective in weight loss.

4. When do you take Lipo-Vit?

Lipo-Vit and Lipo-Vit Plus Capsules should be taken with meals twice a day. The Doc recommends taking  Lipo-Vit Capsules with Lipo-Vit Plus for optimal results. The recommeded dosage is 1 to 2 capsules daily of Lipo-Vit  and for Lipo-Vit Plus Capsules, 2 to 4 Capsules daily one hour before you eat.

5. How long will it be before you see results?

Since everyone is unique and our bodies have different needs the results will vary. It is recommended that you stay on Lipo-Vit and Lipo-Vit Plus for a minimum of 3 months with a preferred time of 6 months for maximum results. Remember diet and exercise influence the maximum effectiveness of these products since they do have lipotropic components. Sign up today with one of our health coaches who will guide you and cater a diet and excerise program just for you!

6. Are the ingredients in Lipo-Vit safe for use over a long period of time?

Yes. All of the ingredients in Lipo-Vit and Lipo-Vit Plus are FDA approved and meet all the guidelines to be used as a dietary supplement. You may use either Lipo-Vit or Lipo-Vit Plus as long as desired. Lipo-Vit Capsules are an excellent choice for a supplement to provide energy and provide all around health benefits.

7. What can I do to get the most out of using Lipo-Vit?

You will get the most benefits of Lipo-Vit and Lipo-Vit Plus by following a daily practice of diet and exercise along with taking the capsules on a regular schedule (twice a day). Our website also provides diet tips, exercise routines, and other links to health websites to give maximum exposure for a healthy life.

8. Can I take Lipo-Vit while I am taking other prescribed medications?

Yes. You may take Lipo-Vit and Lipo-Vit Plus along with other prescriptions. If you have serious medical situations then it is also best to talk to your physician before taking.

9. Is Lipo-Vit safe if you have high blood pressure?

Yes.  You can take LipoVit and Lipo-Vit Plus with blood pressure medications since they have no stimulant effects like the prescription diet medications. Since they help in reducing cholesterol this is an added benefit for patients with high cholesterol and blood pressure.

10. Can you use Lipo-Vit to reduce weight even if you are not obese?

Yes, since Lipo-Vit and Lipo-Vit Plus provide energy and aid in lowering fats in the body they are excellent to take daily as a long term weight management program


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